welcome to a community of artists exploring and weaving together a diverse tapestry of beauty.

LOLA ZIGGY is a community of artists. the poets. the photographers. the designers. the painters. the ones who exist between this earthly realm and that of a heavenly kind. the ones who continue to explore various art forms to outwork their creativity. the ones who seek the truth and desire to see beauty, in all it's diverse and wondrous ways, established on the earth.

Created and Curated by Artist; 

Rachela Grace Nardella. (www.rahkela.com)


The modest beginnings of Lola Z extends all the way back to 2012 as an instagram page where Rachela aspired to curate and hence showcase a diverse range of artistic mediums, anything and everything that impassioned her heart towards the arts, to the world around her and ultimately pointing to the Creator of all. It was in this space that a wild idea lit up in the imagination of Rachela, “What if we could somehow extend this online space into creating a tangible piece of art?” Especially in a world where art is generated so rapidly online, to create a tangible piece of art has become somewhat of a novelty. Not only so, but to see a display of respective art forms coming together is quite rare— Out of this collaborative mindset and a desire to create a sense of unity within diversity, Lola Ziggy in publication form was birthed. 

Rachela has sought to establish a platform where not just herself, but other originative storytellers are able to release their work to form a mosaic of creative expression.

The heartbeat of Lola Ziggy aims to revitalise the imagination, embolden you towards hope, to be encouraged by the words of another that has been able to articulate your innermost self, to be enlightened by a thought or moved emotionally by a painting and ultimately- to celebrate all the numerous ways we are each all uniquely endowed with the ineffable quality of the Divine that is worth exploring and showcasing.

It is innate within our very being to create therefore and in the process, to inspire others towards the arts and as a response to One who formed and endowed us with an array of wondrous gifts and talents. Lola Ziggy has been in a continual process of re-imagination and now further extending the publication and instagram page into this website/blog form. It has been an arduous but rewarding process to arrive at this point, despite thinking on many (many, many) occasions, that this would ever see the light of day. 

You will find in this space a collection of Rachela's musings and reflections on life, art + beauty, interviews with people she admires and a platform to feature artists and their work.


There are so many people to thank and honour whom have helped bring this vision of mine come to life.

It has and continues to be one of the most challenging and rewarding artistic endeavours I have yet ever embarked on. I would like to use this space to highlight and honour; my mamma, my best friend who has been the greatest support and absolute hero of my life. without whom I wouldn't be the woman I am today. you have taught me to love without judgement, to seek the beauty in the ashes, to persevere through the valley of weeping, to dance unashamedly to music in the living room, to embrace and seek the one that has for all eternity sought and found us, to be a safe space and comfort for those in need and to be present in each moment. I am honoured to be your daughter. I also want to honour my pappa, although he is no longer here on this earth, the older I become I discover all the little quirks and passions that I owe to being his daughter. I'll be seeing you again pappa, where the flowers are forever in bloom.

also - HUGE, thankyou to Benny Hinman who created the various graphics for Lola Z, he helped bring my dream into graphic reality and I am so very thankful. (www.bennyhi.com)

© 2020 by Lola Ziggy


"from bud into full bloom"

Quote of the Week

“The Beautiful stirs passion and urgency in us and calls us forth from aloneness into the warmth and wonder of an eternal embrace. It unites us again with the neglected and forgotten grandeur of life." 

- John O' Donohue

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