Lola Ziggy Volume Four; "There Will Be Beauty From These Ashes"

Lola Ziggy Volume Four; "There Will Be Beauty From These Ashes"


The fourth volume of Lola Ziggy is a self published Art + Poetry Book curated and created by Artist; Rachela Grace Nardella.


In this latest edition we see a collection of poetry, prose and artworks from 20 artists that have been created from vulnerable places of heartache and longing. Centered upon the theme "There Will Be Beauty From These Ashes", we explore the journey of grief and her companions; suffering and sorrow and their successor — hope.


Excerpt from the Editor's Letter in the Book by Creator, Rachela;

"The theme of this book was born from a day I shall never forget — the day my beloved Pappa welcomed endless day, on the 22nd of January 2019. I have undertaken the arduous and humbling pursuit of creating this book to honour his life, as a cathartic outlet on my healing journey and above all else, to embolden others towards an unshakeable hope. May you allow yourself to learn from all the tender and sweet lessons suffering and sorrow have to teach. May you yield to the process of being refined by fire so that you come forth as gold, truly able to create beauty from ashes."





“This curation is nothing short of a feast - visually, poetically and emotionally. The reader is invited as a traveling companion on a journey through grief, and is given permission to ache, and rage and despair - then invited to watch the burden transform, too. These artists have each given raw and precious parts of themselves, exposing their own fragility, and where it has shown God to be strong. Through these contributions, and Rachela’s careful curation, this book carries the heavy scent of roses, for those unsure if spring will ever come back.”

- Anna McGahan, author of ‘Metanoia’


About the book:

Trimm size: 215mm X 270mm

Page number: 92pp

Material: Ecostar and Mohawk Quality paper from 100% recycled materials,

printed locally in Australia.

isn't that just lovely?